Materials about actions in defence of political prisoners – “Calls for participation in illegal actions”

Since 13th March, Russian internet providers have blocked access to the websites,,, and to opposition member Alexei Navalny’s blog. The Office of the Public Prosecutor judged that these websites contain calls for participation in unlawful actions. The single specific example given by Public Prosecution staff and Roskomnadzor was the publication of an article on regarding the detention of people who took part in an action in defence of the “Bolotnaya detainees” (who demonstrated on the eve of Vladimir Putin’s inauguration, and who were accused of attacking the police). The Office of the Public Prosecutor also showed that a section on, devoted to the “Bolotnaya affair”, “inspires in readers the belief that taking part in unsanctioned protests is acceptable”.

Extract: “…The activists gathered at the Marshal Zhukov monument at 7pm and were talking peacefully, the police were not obstructing them. An hour and a half later, when people were preparing to leave, the activists Yekaterina Maldon and Irina Kalmykova unfolded posters and were immediately arrested.
Then the police arrested Leonid Dubrov, who was singing” Mother of God, get rid of Putin” and unfolding a poster with the words of the punk- prayer. Ildar Dadin encouraged the participants to remember the badge numbers of those police officers who were breaking the law. Dadin was arrested. Vadim Tsvetkov also found himself in the police van.
On the way to the police station, the police van driver braked sharply several times. As a result, Vadim Tsvetkov injured his head, and was admitted to City Hospital No.1 with concussion. Kalmykova had a swelling on her head and broken glasses…Four of those detained were left with the police overnight”.