Posts about the governor of the Kuzbass – “insult to representatives of the authorities”

Dmitrii Shipilov, a blogger from Kemerovo region, was sentenced to 11 months of correctional labour for critical posts about the governor, Aman Tuleyev. Subsequently his punishment was transmuted to a stretch in a settlement-colony. Shipilov is currently under arrest.

Extract: “Having given his brain an indirect massage with his index finger, the Kuzbass governor decreed that those inhabitants of the region getting married on 11.11.2011 should be given thirty thousand roubles. Those wishing to hold their wedding on this magical day numbered nearly five hundred couples. By simple mathematics we arrive at the sum of approximately 15 million roubles which were given out in support of young families and a few heathens from, I presume, the regional budget, (and) which, as was revealed by the governor’s deputies, is bursting at the seams. We need to remember the following. The recently trumpeted charitable “marathon”, “Kuzbass – land of kindness”, aimed to reach a target of 16 (sixteen) million roubles. So, the administration of the Kemorovo region has no money for its sick children, but it does have money to support its number-obsessed newlyweds!”